About SAIF

About SAIF

The Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) was established in 2009 by the Shanghai Municipal Government within Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with the goal of developing a world-class institution of research and advanced learning in both finance and management. Its objectives include training top talent, building an open platform for research, and becoming a leading think tank, especially on issues related to China¡¯s financial system. The China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) was established in parallel with SAIF, focusing on policy and applied research in finance, and its work has influenced important regulatory changes and reforms within the Chinese financial industry.

As of the end of 2016, SAIF has a faculty of 28 full-time professors and 36 special-term professors. More than 40 faculty members obtained tenured positions from top business schools in North America and Europe. Full-time faculty members are recruited through a selective process from the finest institutions in the world, including Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, Duke, UBC and Oxford. They are reviewed and promoted in a manner consistent with leading research institutions in North America and Europe.

SAIF has successfully launched a comprehensive set of programs specialized in finance, including the Master of Finance (MF), MBA, EMBA, DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), Ph.D., and EDP (Executive Development Program) programs. It currently has more than 1700 students enrolled in degree programs. SAIF alumni, growing in large numbers every year, have begun to exert impact in the financial industry and the overall economy in China and Asia.

Strategic Partners


Caixin Media Company Limited is a media group dedicated to providing financial and business news and information through website, periodicals, mobile apps, books, TV/video programs and conferences. Caixin Media aims to blaze a trail that helps traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms.

Sina Finance

No. 1 Chinese Financial News Portal 

Sina Finance, over its 16 years¡¯ efforts, has built the most significant financial news platform for global Chinese users. The portal delivers the most critical information to more than 10 million domestic stock investors, with a daily hits of 330 million. More than 4,500 headlines are published on Sina Finance website every day, along with 1500000 blog articles deriving 600000 comments.


Yicai Media Group, founded in July 2003, has become China¡¯s largest financial media conglomerate, with the widest variety of media divisions, including television, newspaper, magazine, website, mobile app, and a cluster of professional service institutes, including Yicai Data, Yicai News Agency, Yicai Research Institute and Yicai Global. Yicai provides a wide range of products and services, including media, information, video, data, conference and forum planning, and has its own think tank.

Attracting more than 4 million visitor a day, is a leading think tank media in China. In 2014, it became one of the first privately-owned independent media certified by the Cyberspace Administration of China to provide internet news service. in 2016, was honoured by the CAC to be one of China's Top Ten Influential News Websites. At present, has a vast readership across several platforms, including more than 1 million suscribers on WeChat and almost 800k followers on Weibo. As of October 2016, news feeds from have generated more than 200 million views on, China's biggest app for news and current affairs.


Founded in March 2012, Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd. runs Toutiao, a mobile application that makes personalized content recommendation based on data mining. Toutiao's mission is to help its users consume the most valuable information in the most convenient fashion. Born to revolutionize the information distribution industry, our application presents content based on the user's interests.

Since Toutiao's launch in the market, it has won a remarkable market share and remained as a leading news app in Apple's App Store. By Oct.31 2016, Toutiao has activated 600 million users and serves 66 million daily active users. To date, more than 350,000 individuals and organizations have started their Toutiao Accounts, a self-publishing new media account within the app.


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