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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) will hold Shanghai Finance Forum (SFF) on Jan 14, 2017, bringing together leading scholars, policy makers and practitioners to a common platform led by Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Merton, former governor of Indian Reserve Bank Dr. Raghuram Rajanand former deputy managing director of International Monetary Fund Dr. Min Zhu to discuss challenges and opportunities as China continues to develop its financial markets. The SFF aims not just to identify the issues but also to explore possible solutions through rigorous research, in-depth discourse and intimate interaction. 

The 2016 Shanghai Finance Forum will address two questions:

Each topic is discussed by a group of leading minds in the area, featuring a keynote speech, guidance talk given by a moderator, and a panel discussion. All in attendance are encouraged to also share their views as we iterate toward actionable solutions. 

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